50 Weeks of STEM Labs (50 STEM Labs) (Volume 6) by Andrew Frinkle

50 Weeks of STEM Labs (50 STEM Labs) (Volume 6)

Book Title: 50 Weeks of STEM Labs (50 STEM Labs) (Volume 6)

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1516840666

Author: Andrew Frinkle

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Andrew Frinkle with 50 Weeks of STEM Labs (50 STEM Labs) (Volume 6)

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Do you like making your own STEM/STEAM projects, but you just need the seed of an idea to get you started? You've just found what you were looking for!

50 Weeks of STEM Labs is a set of weekly plans focusing on a theme, such as a type of project or a specific material. Each week features 5 quick project starter ideas to do with that theme. This is enough project ideas for a whole school year and more! You can even spend more time on projects that require more learning and exploration.

Choose the idea(s) you like from that theme and develop a quick activity from there. These can take anywhere from a few minutes to a whole period, or can quickly be added into a thematic unit or study skills unit!

Included are 250 STEM projects in 50 fun themes. Each theme is based on a concept or material to be used, like:
*Pasta Noodles, Tape, Glue, Cups, Paperclips, or Eggs
*Recycling Projects, Airplanes, or Musical Instruments